My AURO so fresh

I am a graduate student. I like Skateboard, bars, EM and all the cool things are full of my life. Of course, including smoking! But there are some recent things happen to me so that I am urgent to quit it. You know, we must look for job to maintain myself at the graduation season,but I failed in the interview, and mostly because of my body's smell of cigarettes and my dark yellow skin...    

One Tobacco Enthusiasts Confessions

I've been smoking for almost 20 years, and tobacco for me means life. The collection and use of tobacco and cigarettes all over the world was my greatest pleasure, for which I bought a display cabinet to store my pipe, cigars and tobacco. Yes, it can be said I am a chain-smoker. But just six months ago, I had a serious lung disease...    

Auro make my dream come true

I am a financial practitioner and my work has to stay up all night, also means a huge job pressure. I started through the tobacco to relax myself. Recently my wife began to prepare for pregnancy, when I search pregnancy information, there are some scientific basis shows that if the pregnant women smoking...     


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